COVID-19 Member Policy

CGMC COVID-19 Policies and Procedures for Members: Holiday 2023

Last Updated: 8/10/2023

Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus is no longer requiring our members, contractors, volunteers, Board of Directors, and guests attending Chorus rehearsals and other Chorus related events to wear a mask or provide proof of vaccination. CGMC recommends getting vaccinated and staying up to date with any boosters. Please do not attend rehearsal if you feel ill for any reason. Zoom rehearsals are still implemented but will not count for the full attendance points. See your member handbook for additional information regarding this. Members may also elect to remain masked during rehearsals. 

For our audience members with tickets: Venue safety protocols and requirements around COVID-19 are solely up to the venue. Currently, the venues we rent are not requiring masks or vaccinations to enter. CGMC or the venue will notify you of any changes.