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I Just, Like, Know There’re Stories To Be Told

CGMC is a community.

From the outside looking in, Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus is an inclusive, community-based performing arts organization that creates musical experiences to entertain and enlighten, inspire change, and build community. From the inside looking out, CGMC holds even more importance to its singers.

Hi everyone! I’m Anthony and I’m new here.

You know that feeling you get when you’re inspired by something? You have to, like, fan your face to hold back tears, clench your pearls to keep your heart from bursting through your shirt, and thworp your fan to let it be known that you’re in your feels? Okay, cool, S A M E! Most distinctly, though, I find myself acknowledging that I get goosebumps when I’m inspired by something. I have goosebumps right now just thinking about it.

I joined CGMC in August 2018. My decision to join CGMC came with a desire to reconnect with music and a longing for a sense of community. As a Greek-American, I was raised by the ideology to hold community at the highest level of importance. We depend on each other. We affect one another. We work together. After all, my ancestors invented democracy *hairflip.* I took to CGMC to connect with the Queer community.

Over the course of my first months as a CGMCinger, I found myself meeting new people at each rehearsal. In a group of over 150 people, it wasn’t hard to find someone I hadn’t yet met. I have always known my own reason for joining CGMC, but I wondered what engaged my fellow singers.

Thus, the idea for “Interviews w/Anthony” came about. I invite you to accompany me on my journey to figure out what CGMC means to us, the singers. The way I see it, CGMC is a book and the singers hold the stories. Each interview will tell a story of what contributes to the makeup of CGMC, from the inside looking out.

I have goosebumps. Don’t you?


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